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I am a retired Applied Improviser, Author, Aikido Sensei, history buff,  and amateur philosopher.


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Back cover of The Greater Number


The Greater Number Back cover. 

See my opening opening page for the front cover.

30 years in the making.

My view of the positive nature

of life on our planet.


Great Number Slip Cover Panels


The Greater Number

Front and back slip cover panels

Improvisation, Inc. Revised Edition : an Applied Improvisation Handbook 2017


Based on 37 years in Improvisation, and 27 years as a pioneer in Applied Improvisation. 

First published in North America in 2000, as 

Improvisation, Inc.: Harnessing Spontaneity to Engage People and Groups 

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Back Cover of Improvisation, Inc.

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Happy Vernday Birthcox

Back Cover

Entering the magical time through

The Robin Williams Tunnel

Other Books

Action Explorations


 Enhanced Simulations  My chapter is "Beyond Psychotherapy: An Introduction to Applied Improvisation Beyond Comedy and Before Therapy"  The whole chapter is available here. 

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Action Explorations Back Cover


Twenty eight therapists exploring uses of their therapy skills and experience beyond therapy.  

Improvisation, Inc. Back Cover


The first book in North America focusing specifically on the use of Improvisation in business and human communication

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